Want To Double Your Sales From Each Local Event?
Capturing MORE Leads WITH Rock Star FOLLOW UP Is The Key!
Do you ever experience these problems?
  • It's tough getting people to stop at your booth and complete your form?
  • Can't read people's handwriting from your clipboard capture form?
  • Some people get impatient and walk away?
  • Paper can blow away or get drinks and food spilled on them
  • Can't find the time to call or email your prospects after the event?
  • People not wanting to touch the pen and paper due to germs, Covid, etc.
  • The more time that passes between the initial interest and follow up the least likely a sale will happen
Let me show you how to use a form like this to capture more leads more effectively and start getting immediate results!
Use a page like this to capture leads for:
  • Drawings
  • Giveaways
  • Deliver free content
  • Invite to an event

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